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Healthy People = Healthy Moab

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Help Us Care For Moab!

Since 2008, the Moab Free Health Clinic has provided healthcare to thousands of Moab's residents who have little or no health insurance. Our mission is driven by volunteer physicians and health care providers who recognize that without a healthy workforce in this community, our economy would struggle.

Moab welcomes the world to our doorstep!

Moab saw over 3 million visitors in 2018. The locals who live here and work at seasonal jobs provide an amazing vacation experience to these visitors who fuel our economy, but they are not fortunate enough to have health insurance. Where do the guides, cooks, wait staff, maids and retail clerks turn? The reality is that the Moab Free Health Clinic provides a vital service to the community and is worthy of your gifts.

Financial contributions to the clinic are used to recruit volunteer providers, provide comprehensive follow-up care and maintain our facilities. Won’t you help keep our people and our economy healthy? Large or small, every gift makes a difference. Generosity of Moab residents and visitors alike is key to ensuring our services into the future. Moab welcomes the world through a thriving tourist industry. You can directly help the people who live and work here with an online gift today. Thank you!